A Complete List of Susanna Lancaster’s Other Writings

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An old willow tree

graces the surface of the river

like a mother’s hair


“We all remember stories that we heard while growing up. We all have stories we repeat. When we look closely enough, we see that the reason we enjoy these stories is because they contain pieces of ourselves—no matter our pasts.”

—Tale Spin, Southern Writers Magazine


“The use of visual texts throughout the book raises readers’ curiosity…. they offer a physical glimpse, though brief, of a past generation.”

— “How I used Visual Texts in Creating Historical Fiction”


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Short Fiction:

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Writer’s block is a severe disease,

Almost as deadly as any other,

For the soul does not expel

That which is meant to please,

And so she does, indeed, suffer.

Blessed is the hand that moves so quickly,

The pen that sheds without stop,

And the mind that thinks thoughtfully in ease,

But blessed even more is she,

She who is able to recover from this disease

That does not allow her ink to spill one drop.

—“A Literary Illness”

“It surprised him when they drove off and her father did not come question anyone, and he realized that, perhaps, Lisa Rust had arisen from her sleep, not ‘incorruptible,’ but humbled.”

— “The Trumpet Shall Sound”

“The word ‘healthy’ means something different to everyone, and we all have our own journey to get there. For those struggling with food or exercise, my hope is that you, too, will seek a better life…. This struggle is just one chapter of my life’s story, and I’m excited and hopeful about the life there is to gain after an eating disorder.”

— “A Life to Gain”

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